Young Cancer Survivors (MladiCe)


a network of young cancer survivors


MladiCe represents a network of young cancer survivors. We are an active group within our Association 'Srce za djecu oboljelu od raka' (Heart for Kids with Cancer). MladiCe was founded in 2011 following the model of European groups of young cancer survivors. After attending the camp in Luxembourg, our Neira and David brought the idea to Bosnia and Herzegovina, and in 2011 we officially founded our group. MladiCe currently has 25 members, and the number of our members is constantly increasing. Some of our main activities are the following:

  • supporting children currently in treatment and their parents
  • volunteering at the Parents’ House
  • volunteering at summer rehabilitation camps
  • implementation of activities aimed at raising awareness about children’s cancer

In addition to these activities, every member of MladiCe has his/her own interests and hobbies which in some way they connect to the Association. We have members who organize creative workshops with children undergoing treatment, provide help in moving the children abroad for treatment, and there are also those who are specially gifted for photography, then for writing, so we are not strangers to writing the articles or announcements on the Association's website.


Every person who was treated for cancer and is 16 years of age or older can join our group. Together we are removing barriers and changing public awareness.


Our task, together with the Association’s team, is to work on our empowerment, education, rehabilitation and resocialization, as well as on raising the public awareness of cancer in children and problems that they encounter during and after the treatment. However, possibly the most valuable thing to mention is that we are sharing something we obtained through our personal experience with everyone, and that is that cancer is curable.

Through a special Scholarship Fund, MladiCe members are entitled to scholarships during their college education.


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