Rehabilitation after Hospital Treatment

Therapeutic recreation for body and mind that has been implemented for full 12 years

Cancer treatment is a very long, hard and traumatic process that requires continuous and long-term isolation of the child from society and always results in a disruption of normal childhood. These children lack their home, their immediate environment and all those activities that other children freely engage in. Upon completion of the hospital part of treatment, the children return to their immediate environment and it is very often that they have problems with re-socialisation and stigmatisation.

Every year, the Association provides a specially designed programme of a rehabilitation camp for children who were treated for cancer and their parents. The entire program is free of charge, including accommodation, food, activities and medical care. The rehabilitation camp is funded by donations, grants and activities of the Association.


  • Strengthening immunity, resistance and physical endurance of children
  • Psychosocial strengthening
  • Strengthening confidence, self-esteem and inclusion in a peer group
  • Increasing independence, self-confidence, openness to new things and experiences
  • Social strengthening – positive group influence, re-socialisation and return to their immediate environment
  • Reducing stress and anxiety; encouraging creative expression and positive attitude
  • Strengthening family ties
  • Raising awareness of child cancer and of the consequences of treatment 



  • morning exercise
  • riding school
  • sports activities / family olympics
  • psychological and pedagogical workshops
  • creative and fine arts workshops for making postal stamps
  • social games, fun time, talent show, tacky jewellery show
  • walks
  • bicycling
  • socialisation
  • nutritionist workshops and professional medical counselling for parents
  • physiotherapy for children and parents
  • team building
  • demonstration exercises with camp guests

Camp programme activities are based on emotional needs of children who were treated for cancer and their parents, brothers and sisters, as well as on the physical and mental aspects of their adjustment after the end of treatment. Rehabilitation and camp programme activities contribute to the establishment of psychological ties between parents who share similar experiences and treatment protocols. The camp allows them to better cope with their situation while also providing training and psychosocial assistance to the entire family. By participating in recreational and therapeutic activities, the families spend time together and have an opportunity to get to know one another better and to network, creating thereby their own support network for the future.

The therapeutic rehabilitation and recreation programme is also intended for children with cancer who are still on maintenance therapy and whose condition and treatment still requires isolation to a certain extent. In this way, these children have an opportunity to stay on the mountain with their close family, re-connecting with the outside world and making their first steps towards integration into the community. 

Donors of the 2017 Rehabilitation Camp 

        Općina Travnik        Ogledalce - Salon lijepih frizura




For all questions and advice regarding the rehabilitation programme, please contact the camp coordinator at: or by phone 033 215 416.