Association’s Management is composed of the parents of children with and treated for cancer from across the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.



Atifa Buldić-Bešić, president of the Assembly

Assembly is the highest body of the Association.
Assembly consists of all regular members of the Association and meets once a year.




Advija Arslan, president
Džemil Špago, vice president Nejla Burilović, member
Sanela Bostandžija Halilović, member Elma Hasanspahić, member
Zijad Hodžić, member Hivzija Kalić, member

Executive Board is responsible for managing the Association’s assets and taking measures to protect the interests and work of the Association.



Muvedeta Nizić, member Amira Buljubašić, member
Mirela Hamidović, member

Supervisory Board ensures proper application of the laws, the Statute and general acts of the Association, and in particular oversees the Association’s financial operations.