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Children carcinoma patients depend on your help. There is no better way to tell you this – it is an undeniable fact that, in addition to drugs and clinical treatment, their recovery directly depends of the objective circumstances they live in, people around them, quality of their diet, availability of financing for their going to clinics abroad. Following our mission and vision, we in the Association Heart for the Kids with Cancer are trying in every way to help the children and make things easier for them, their parents and families affected by this serious illness.

You can also directly contribute to the welfare of our children. For as little as BAM 25 a year, you can become a permanent SUPPORTING MEMBER of the Association Heart for the Kids and thus join our large family.

Members in the Association are the hearts that beat together for our kids who are cancer patients. We invite you to become member of our family and contribute to their faster recovery. Sufficiently large number of permanent members of the Association would practically resolve all the problems standing before children suffering from cancer and their closest relatives.



Please complete the online membership application. Pay the annual membership fee of BAM 25 to the account 161 000 00 388 900 27. Evidence of payment may be sent:

  • by post to the Association “Heart for the Kids with Cancer”, located at Betanija b.b., 71000 Sarajevo;
  • by fax to the number 033 215 416; or
  • by email to

You may also complete the accession form and pay the membership at the offices of the Association.



Membership application