History of the Association


We are creating better future

Association “The Heart for Kids with Cancer" was founded in April 2003. Since then, in the course of the following 15 years, based on an initial idea triggered by an informal group of parents and friends of children with cancer, this Association has grown into a respectable organization with more than 400 members, and it has become known for its fight against cancer in children in BiH. We provide accommodation, food and psychosocial support to children with cancer and their families; we annually organize rehabilitation camps and provide assistance in supply of medication, medical equipment and healthcare treatments provided abroad.  Also, we continuously improve our services and activities in order to respond more adequately to challenges this vicious disease carries.  

Nevertheless, we find that our greatest success stems out from our focus on what is most important, and that is a deeply humane, emotional, close relationship with children, their parents and families in the most difficult moments of their lives. Hope for a better future is the primary goal set by the Heart for Kids Association; anything we do leads us to achieve this goal.

Since October 2003 the Association has become a member of the International Confederation of Childhood Cancer Parent Organizations (CCI), the largest network of childhood cancer fighting associations which is composed of 188 organizations from 96 countries from 5 continents. We are particularly proud of our excellent cooperation with local, regional and international organizations which deal with treatment of children with cancer, as well as with local institutions holding power in BiH. This cooperation is a direct result of our transparent and responsible way of working.  

Today, the Heart for Kids Association has more than 400 members. We regularly improve our services, expand our activities and widen the scope of our work in order to more adequately respond to challenges which children with cancer and their families are facing.

Some of our achievements and activities


  • In 2016 we officially opened the Parents' House, the house which provides accommodation to children and their families
  • Over the course of 15 years we have been providing psychosocial support to sick children and their parents
  • We have successfully organized and held eleven (11) mountain rehabilitation camps
  • We regularly provide medical supplies and medical equipment for the needs of paediatric haematological departments 
  • We have provided medical complimentary transportation to more than fifty children for treatments provided outside of BiH


The Association through years


2003. Our Association was founded as a sister-organization to Een Häerz fir kriibskrank Kanner asbl from Luxembourg
2004. First participation at an international conference organized by the ICCCPO in Oslo
2005. First participation at an international rehabilitation camp in Barretstown, Ireland
2006. Cooperation established with the Lösev Foundation from Turkey
2007. First regional conference of related associations held in Sarajevo
2008. First rehabilitation camp organized in Neum
2009. Sarajevo City Administration assigned an apartment to the Association to be used as accommodation for parents
2010. Line of Life Humanitarian Project with TVSA
2011. Initiative regarding construction of Parents' House launched
2012. Health Care Agreement with Policlinico Sant'Orsola Malpighi and AGEOP within “Amra Project“ for treatment of our children in Italy                  
2013. Donor's night “Business and humanity“                                                               
2014. Cornerstone for the construction of Parents' House laid
2015. Upon the initiative of the Association, osteosarcoma was added to the list contained in the Rulebook on Medical and Complementary Transportation                                          
2016. Inauguration of the Parents' House
2017. Gala donors' night; Super Recipe with Hayat Television
2018. Strategic planning and rebranding of the Association made