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Globalna fundraising kampanja za nastavak projekta #MojaKosaTvojaKosa

  • 27.11.2018.

Online kampanja #MojaKosaTvojaKosa (Wigs for a smile) na platformi GlobalGiving.org  dio je međunarodne porodice neprofitnih projekata, koji u svom segmentu, imaju za cilj poboljšanje zdravlja djece i omladine. Budite dio naše priče o darivanju i snazi duha. Podržite malu raju koja su izgubila kosu!

The Great White House wins Dubrovnik Film Festival 2018

  • 21.10.2018.

The Big White House is a documentary film, based on true stories, discussing optimism, motivation and plans for the future in achieving one’s dreams, before and after the dangerous disease they have survived.

11 young hopes for the survival of the wig making craft in BiH

  • 28.09.2018.

On the last working day of September, the month of raising childhood cancer awareness, we have officially completed the 10-month training of wigmakers as a part of the ‘My Hair, Your Hair’ project. On this occasion, we awarded the certificates to our hardworking and visibly excited candidates, who have now been trained to weave a wig on their own.