Hair donation instructions


Dear friends, if you’ve decided to cut your hair and donate it under the “My hair your hair” project, you’re in the right place. Below are instructions for cutting and donating your hair.

You can have your hair cut at a hairdressing salon of your choice, according to the instructions given in this video:

Donated hair should be clean, dry and wrapped in a kitchen paper towel and sealed in a ziplock bag with the donor’s name and contact information clearly written on the bag. For children’s wigs, hair must not be dyed or chemically treated and should be at least 30 cm in length.

The hair packed in accordance with the instructions above can be sent to the Association’s wigmaking workshop at Himze Polovine 21, 71000 Sarajevo. 

Thank you for your altruistic initiative and desire to help children who have suffered hair loss.

Otpremnica za kosu 2022