Mission and vision


Over the time and years behind us circumstances have changed, but we have remained true to our number-one priority as defined at the very start of our activities, namely the wellbeing of our beneficiaries – children with cancer and their loved ones.


OUR MISSION is to provide active, continued and comprehensive support to children with cancer and their loved ones.

OUR VISION is for every child in Bosnia and Herzegovina to have equal opportunities in life.


We implement our mission and pursue our vision through three main programmatic goals:

  • Children with cancer benefit from advanced medical services and treatment standards in BiH during and after illness;
  • Children with cancer, cured young people and their loved ones benefit from advanced psychosocial support services and rehabilitation and resocialisation programmes, during and after illness;
  • Children with cancer, during and after illness, receive support from sensitised medical staff in health care facilities, well-informed parents as well as sensitised public.




Empathy – one of the most important values cherished by our Association, expressed as our willingness to put ourselves in the position of our beneficiaries and understand how they feel so that we would be better able to provide them with adequate support and/or assistance

Courage – our beneficiaries teach us to support each other and be brave despite the fear of the outcome of malignant diseases (be there despite the fear)

Perseverance – thankfully, the vast majority of children beat cancer, and we are determined to be there for them and their loved ones even after that (be there after the fear)

Thoughtfulness – because we work with one of the most vulnerable groups – children with cancer, kindness and helpfulness are the qualities that our team is striving for and is proud of

Transparency – our Association could not operate without the support of numerous benefactors. This is why transparency plays an immensely important role in our business operations, which are open to public scrutiny