The good people of Herzegovina have demonstrated that children suffering from cancer and everyone else who needs help can count on them. The big heart and kindness they showed welcoming the project “My Hair, Your Hair“ is the most valuable and most beautiful thing you can see in BiH. Seventy-seven good people from Mostar and 15 good people from Konjic joined an army of more than 1500 adults and children who have donated their hair for making 23 wigs for children who have suffered either a temporary or permanent hair loss.

“It is very hard for a child to accept losing their hair and for us, the parents, it is one of the most difficult moments we have to go through. Preparing a child for all the changes happening to them is very demanding and exhausting. It is very hard to watch your kid getting sick overnight, losing their childhood and ultimately losing their hair, which alters their appearance, and everything that was before changes then by force. In all those difficult situations, what makes it a little easier is that we now have someone who will take care of our child and support the parents. We are glad to see so many good people who are willing to give a part of something that is their own to our child, because the wig really means a lot. In a way, it normalises the new circumstances. The psychological aspect of realising we are not alone and that there are many people we can count on is very important. A big thank you to all those lovely adults and children who are always ready to help us,” said a parent who joined the campaign.

The association Heart for Children continues its hair donation campaign for making wigs for children with cancer, as well as for the children who lost their hair due to other factors. A campaign including hair cutting and hair donation has been planned to take place in Sarajevo soon and the public will be informed about in in a timely manner.

It is important to point out that the Association gives wigs to children totally free, giving them back their self-esteem, minimising the trauma of hair loss, and most importantly, giving them back the most important thing – their smile.

Friend of the campaign– Mepas Mall Mostar


The Project My Hair, Your Hair is supported by the Swiss Government.