We invite the media to follow the haircut and hair-donation event on 29 September 2018 between 12:00 and 18:00 at the plateau in front of Mepas Mall, Mostar. (In case of bad weather conditions, the event will be held in Mepas Mall, floor 1)

As part of the project My Hair, Your Hair, the Association Heart for the Kids with Cancer organises haircut and hair donation to help make wigs for kids with cancer.

About 60 children of different ages are diagnosed with malignant diseases in Bosnia and Herzegovina every year. The cure rate is about 80 percent. However, the path to healing is difficult and painful, and for children, especially girls, one of the most difficult things they experience is losing their hair.

All citizens of Mostar and its neighbourhood are invited to come to the plateau in front of the Mepas Mall on 29 September from 12:00 to 18:00 to donate their hairto help make wigs for kids with cancer.

For those who want to donate hair to help make wigs, it is important to note that the hair must be clean, dry, chemically untreated and non-coloured, and at least 30 cm long (ideally, even longer).

So far, we have made and delivered 23 wigs. Wigs from the Association's workshops are available free of charge, to any child with temporary or permanent hair loss in order to regain their self-confidence and successfully fit into their home environment.

The project My Hair, YourHair was supported by AmraSilajdžićDžekowho donated her hair, and expressed her support for the Association Heart for the kids by becoming the first Ambassador of the Association and thus supporting the work of the Association.

Friend of the campaign– Mepas Mall


The My Hair, Your Hair Project is supported by the Swiss Government.


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