Hair cutting and donation event in Tuzla

Within the framework of a “My Hair, Your Hair” project, an association called “Heart for Children with Cancer” organized a hair cutting and donation event in Tuzla for the purpose of making wigs for children with cancer.

Each year around 60 children of various age are diagnosed with malign diseases and survival rate is about 80%. However, the path to survival is difficult and painful and children, girls in particular, find the hair lost one of the most difficult side effects to deal with.

On 17 March 2018, a large number of citizens, men, women, children and adults from Tuzla and neighbouring Cantons took part in the hair cutting and donation event organised at the central area of the Tuzla–based Bingo City Centre. In just six hours, from 12 to 6 o’clock pm., 102 sets of pony-tails were donated, with 77 cut at the spot, during the event. The oldest participant of the wig-making event was a lady in her 70s while the youngest one was in the age of 3,5.

We wish to point out the fact that more than half of the donated hair came from children and youth under 18 as well as from male population.

So far, we have made and handed over 14 wigs while 7 are still in the process of making. The wigs from the Association’s Workshop are available, completely free of charge, to every child with temporary or permanent hair loss. The purpose is to make the children gaining their self-confidence again and integrate successfully into their mainstream environment and communities.

We wish to extend our sincere gratitude to everyone for their support, particularly to Amra Džeko for her personal contribution and support in promoting the project and the hair cutting and donation event; to the Bingo City Centre and Ms.Lidija Tomić for providing the required premises and generous technical support; to hairdressing businesses: Aida, Arena, No Name and Frizer from Tuzla, Pilus from Gračanica and Jasminka from Tešanj as well as to their staff: Ajdina, Aida, Selma, Edo, Ismar, Vedad and Jasminka, who worked tirelessly and did haircuts for more than 70 persons in just six hours’ time. In addition, we extend our sincere gratitude to the programme facilitator, Tahir Žustra, and to Ahmed Likić, a student of Secondary Music School in Tuzla, and to all citizens who provided their contributions to the “My Hair, Your Hair” project.

The statement issued by the Association “Heart for Children” reads: “We are proud of Tuzla and thank the town warmly for its hospitality and heartiness. You have set huge challenge before other towns in BiH where we plan to organize hair cutting and donation campaigns within the “My Hair, Your Hair” project.

“My Hair, Your Hair” project is supported by the Swiss Government.