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Miralem Pjanić - Ambassador of the Parents' House in Tuzla

BH football player Miralem Pjanić will be the Ambassador of the Parents' House in Tuzla, whose construction is planned to start this year. Pjanić emphasized the importance this project has for him since he is a native of Tuzla.

"Tuzla is my city. We know how much the Parents' House means to children and their parents and how much it helps them fight their illness. That's why this story is a good story, and I hope that as many people and institutions will help in its construction, because it will make it much easier for these children. I am a small part of this story, and we all have the opportunity to help a lot," Pjanić said.

During the presentation of Pjanić as the Ambassador of the Parents' House in Tuzla, Fikret Kubat, director of the Association, said that the Association wants Miralem to be their voice in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the rest of the world. He emphasized that the Parents' House in Sarajevo in the past three years has proven to be of great importance for the treatment of children with cancer and their parents, thus contributing to faster and easier recovery, fewer losses and less pain and suffering. Guided by this bright example, the Association began the implementation of the same project in the Tuzla area.

"We are listening to the needs and problems of children and acting upon them. It was the same with the Parents' House in Sarajevo that has now been operational for over three years, accommodating more than 150 families and this speaks volumes about the importance of this place. This is why we decided to build a Parents' House in Tuzla. The Clinical Center in Tuzla provided the land and we prepared the conceptual design," says Mr. Kubat, adding that this Parents' House will have five apartments and will cost about 700,000 KM.

Let's build the Parent's House in Tuzla together!