11 November 2018: Hair donation campaign in Sarajevo with Amra Džeko

As a part of My hair your hair project, Association Heart for the Kids with Cancer organizes in Sarajevo the final hair cutting and donationcampaign to create wigs for children with cancer.

Around 60 children of different age are affected by cancer every year in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The cure rate is around 80 per cent. However, the recovery path is hard and painful and among the most difficult experiences for the children, especially girls, is the loss of their hair.

All citizens from Sarajevo and surrounding towns are invited to come to the Sarajevo City Center, on November 11th, 2018 from 11:00 to 18:00 and donate their hair for wigs for children with cancer.

Everyone who wants to donate their hair for wigs should be aware that the hair must be clean, dry, chemically non-treated or colored and at least 30 cm long (ideally longer).

So far we have made and delivered 23 wigs, including 2 wigs for girls in Banja Luka. Wigs from our workshop are provided free of charge to all children with a temporary or permanent hair loss so that they can regain self-esteem and successfully reintegrate themselves in their communities.

My hair your hair project has a full support of Amra Silajdžić Džeko who donated her hair. She also extended her support by becoming the first ambassador of the organization and helping the Association in this way. Her support will not be lacking this time either, since Amra will join us for this final campaign in Sarajevo and make this occasion even more beautiful. Many friends of the Association and My hair your hair project will also be with us. We are looking forward to our time together.

Friend of the campaign: Sarajevo City Centre