European cancer care: Across borders

  • 12.09.2019.

Reaching the 70:35 Vision for cancer – 70% long term survival for all cancer patients across Europe by 2035 – requires breaking down the borders of cancer care: between countries, professions, sectors and stakeholders.

September - childhood cancer awareness month

  • 01.09.2019.

September is a Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, and is symbolized by a gold ribbon, worn to commemorate the event. This is an annual international awareness month to raise support, funding and awareness of childhood cancers and the impact for sufferers and families of sufferers of childhood cancer.

The Big White House on the 25th Sarajevo Film Festival

  • 20.08.2019.

On behalf our cancer survivor group - Mladice - we are proudly announcing that The Big White House will premiere on the 25th Sarajevo Film Festival in the BH FILM category.